Personal financial planning

Personal financial planning

Achieving your financial goals is made harder when you don’t have a plan laid out on paper. Without a timescale, a sense of priority and an idea of how you will use your money in the future, how can you be sure that you’ll achieve what you want to in your lifetime?

This is where financial planning comes in. It enables you to identify the things you want to achieve in your life – financial or otherwise – and creates a roadmap that helps you realise them.

Planning helps you understand how to use your money to your benefit but can also make you aware of your financial limitations. Put simply, it’s about bringing focus and organisation to your finances so you can utilise them effectively.

Remember that your plan is not set in stone. Your ambitions, just like your finances, may change and you should update your plan to reflect that.

If at any point you’re feeling constrained by what you’ve put into your plan, don’t be afraid to make changes. Financial planning is an organic process which evolves over time.